If you have a question about any aspect of buying or assembling your Townsend bike, then we have put together the below list of frequently asked questions to help make your life easier. If you are still unable to answer any queries after using the below guides then please feel free to "Contact us" by e-mail and we will try our best to assist with your individual query.

What do I have to do if I would like to return my bike?

Please speak to the retailer where you purchased your cycle.

Does it matter if I have brought the wrong gendered bike?

This is a matter or personal preference or can even be due to injury or disability, many women ride men’s mountain bikes, the choice is yours, although obviously we do design the bikes to be gender specific, eg wider saddle for ladies and a more upright riding position.

How do I ride my bike safely at night/winter?

Sustrans have a comprehensive guide to safety and riding in the dark winter nights,

Visit: http://www.sustrans.org.uk/sites/default/files/file_content_type/get_going_cycling_through_the_winter.pdf

When do the new season bikes get released?

We constantly review and update our bikes throughout the year so new models can appear at any time, if you have any special requests or notice something missing in our range please let us know.

How do I know what size frame to buy?

If you are looking for advice on choosing the right size frame for your next bike then we have put together a fantastic “Buyers Guide” to help you make sense of it all.

Please visit our “Buyers Guide” section to find out more.

A quick guide is below –

kids bike chart

Where can I find video tutorials to help put together my bike?

We are working on a selection of videos and tutorials to help you if you encounter problems setting up your bike or would just like some pointers on servicing and adjusting your bike to help save money on expensive shop servicing.

These can be found in the customer support section of the website.

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